Tom Tom Festival 2019

The Tom Tom Machine Learning conference is part of the Tom Tom Founders Festival conference held in Charlottesville, VA.  The festival features a collection of creators, practitioners, artist, musicians and community and business leaders to bring solutions and innovative ideas to the local community in an entertaining venue.  This year will feature a machine learning track where there will be presentations and talks on the uses of Machine Learning in communities and it’s impact on society, locally and globally.

Coming soon!  April 8-13 2019














One thought on “Tom Tom Festival 2019

  1. Great information Derek. As a government professional involved with the Life Cycle management of military weapon systems. Government executives are finally getting smart to ML and predictive based IT systems that provide critical data to engineers and operators, which helps to manage the health of these platforms.

    This may not seem so new those in the private sector but the while the government has always been ahead of the curve on platform capabilities, it is notoriously slow on implementing IT systems that support these tools past their useful service life, which is basically every major weapon system in the US government.

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