What is Secure Gradient?

Secure Gradient is a methodology that uses data from social media, publicly available data from municipalities, and home security systems to give end users a “threat matrix” or heat map from their door to boundaries of their neighborhood or commercial property.  It hides specific details that would otherwise create ambiguity in home security systems and removes bias that would unfairly target specific communities and demographics.

Secure Gradient helps provide knowledge about what’s occurring around your neighborhood based on the level of threat to your property by providing something of color-based designation on overlay maps of the end user’s immediate area.

How does Secure Gradient Work?

Secure Gradient provides a website that users can go to and review threats in and around their neighborhoods.  Polygons on maps provide designations of low to high threats right up to the user’s home or premise. As threats change throughout the day, so to does the maps.  The purpose of Secure Gradient is keep the users aware of threats BEFORE an incident occurs so that they can be vigilant and understand patterns of crimes in their neighborhoods so they can be prepared.

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