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IT Strategies and Data Analytics

In an extension to my first blog, I research quantitative analysis of enterprise IT functions to demonstrate how to create IT business value. It has to be established that, with so much data being collected from IT systems, IT managers can use this type of pervasive data to their advantage. Functionality such as maintaining health, securing systems, and properly sizing new systems all have an impact to IT budgets.

IT Strategy Success

Information Technology (IT) Management has evolved to become more aligned with business processes. Every industry that can be thought of uses some type of information system and process automation as part of its business requirements planning. IT will continue to grow and evolve as businesses seek to build on technology investments and innovations while modern IT strategy becomes more of a business imperative. This introductory blog discusses initial strategies for building an IT business value proposition.

Building Microservices in Azure for IoT

Azure is Microsoft's cloud services for building scalable and reliable big data solutions. The advent of new sensors and Internet-enabled devices is creating massive volumes of data that can only be analyzed with big data systems. This new paradigm is known as the Internet of Things (IoT). Micro services provides the means to build, manage and collect the "Brave New World" of data.

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